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B&P Consort Woman Owned Small Business Your Source for Industrial Supplies
B&P Consort Woman Owned Small Business Your Source for Industrial Supplies

E-commerce Boot Camp
by Ted Treanor, Internet Strategist and ECRC Webmaster

In an e-commerce powered, home-based office in the small town of Bremerton, WA, Pamela Guardino, has built a successful government vendor business from scratch, in under four months. B&P Consort is an agent/broker for electrical and plumbing suppliers for government installations. She accepts credit card purchases, which is a rapidly growing part of her business. She already has contracts totaling $180,000
and has only just begun.

How is this possible? She attributes her business jump-start to several things. In October 1997, WebTV was the first technology that helped her over her techno-phobia. "WebTV inspired and helped me get onto the Internet because it is so user-friendly." She then took a battery of free training seminars from the ECRC in e-commerce, government procurement, EDI, and the Internet. Pamela proudly declares, "It was like
an e-commerce Boot Camp. I went in knowing nothing about government electronic bidding, and the Internet, and came out confident and ready to start my own business."

Pamela incorporated B&P Consort, and gained a Woman-owned Small Business status with the federal government. This allows her to participate in small business set-asides that larger companies are prohibited from directly competing. The federal government targets $22 billion annually for small business set-asides.

Future plans? She took an ECRC Internet Marketing & Sales seminar and would like to promote her business onto the Web. Within one year she expects to hit $1 million in sales and have 3-5 employees. Currently she is seeking to expand her representation of other large suppliers.

"Everyone at the ECRC has been so supportive in helping me meet my goals." Pamela can be reached at (360) 710-6811, or email:pguardino@silverlink.net, if you would like to find out more about her success story.

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CCR and NECO Registered. Government Credit Cards Accepted.
Woman-Owned, Small Business.